Tuesday, August 13, 2019

SOP - mid upper arm circumference (MUAC)

  • The major determinants of MUAC are muscle and subcutaneous fat, both important determinants of survival in malnutrition and starvation. 
  • MUAC is less affected than weight and height based indices (e.g. Body Mass Index) by accumulation of fluid (i.e. nutritional oedema, periorbital oedema and ascites). 
  • So MUAC is a good predictor of mortality. 
  • It is recommended for identifying young children with, or at risk of, severe acute malnutrition and adults with acute energy deficiency.
  • In children between 6-59 months old, MUAC <110 mm indicates severe acute malnutrition and is recommended as a criterion for admission to therapeutic feeding programmes. 
  • Values between 110 and 120/125 mm indicate moderate malnutrition. 
  • Values below 250 mm in adults indicate severe wasting. 
  • (Note that MUAC is not sensitive enough to routinely monitor growth at young child clinics)

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