Monday, October 31, 2016

People Who Travel Alone Are More Intelligent

A study by British Psychological Society revealed that people who experience solitude and who like to travel alone are more intelligent than others. They also concluded that, "lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialization with friends”, leads to an intelligent life.

The study was related to "savanna theory of happiness" according to which less socialising is equal to more intelligence and happiness.

They compared more rural living to how ancestors once traveled in close-knit, smaller tribes. Basically the lifestyles of hunter-gatherer tribes have formed the evolutionary foundation for what makes people happy now.

It was thus concluded that, for the average person, living in a smaller town and actively socializing with friends is key to happiness. However, for a highly intelligent person it was quite the opposite.

It was also observed that, smarter people try to spend time alone by taking days off to travel alone.

They contemplate on life and come back with some richer experiences.