Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hiv and the truckers

according to UNAIDS sex workers are 10 times more likely than the general population to be HIV positive. Another high risk group consists of the truckers. Truckers spend weeks, even months, on the road ferrying loads across the length and breath of the country. But it's not just cargo that moves along these transportation routes, it's also HIV. Sexual health awareness is low among these truck drivers.

OTC INSIGHT Asia-Pacific reported recently that, in India, around 2 million truck drivers are frequently engaging in unprotected sex with sex workers and only 11.4% of these workers said they had used a condom.
Tata Motors decided to tackle the problem head-on with the target group, the truckers. Tata Motors with the help of creative agency Rediffusion Y&R and launched the “Use Dipper At Night” campaign in April 2016.

Indian truckers have a strong cultural identity and “Use Dipper At Night” (reminding drivers to dip their headlights during nighttime). The idea was to encourage truck drivers to practice safe sex by linking this concept to the phrase that resonates strongly with every member of the community. Thereby a new condom brand called Dipper was created and marketed exclusively for the truck drivers.

HLL Lifecare, a government-owned corporation and India’s largest condom manufacturer, produces the the condoms. Each wallet, which contains three condoms, is decorated with different truck art motifs and slogans, such as “Have a Safe Journey”, to make them more appealing to the target consumer.

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